Victorian Tile Restoration

We are a Cork based company and offer a full restoration service of deep intensive cleaning & sealing process to bring your precious Victorian Tiles back to their original glory

Victorian and Edwardian geometric floors are beautiful period features which are both practical, and add significant value to properties. Unfortunately due to wear and tear over the years many have lost their former glory.

These floors were featured in entrance halls and front paths of houses and commercial premises from mid-Victorian times to the 1930's. Designs are made up of triangles, squares, trapeziums, hexagons and octagons, all in a variety of vibrant colours.

Often included in the designs are encaustic tiles, which are usually square tiles with a pattern embossed on them in layers of different coloured tiles. The most popular of these tiles were in two colours, but unusual ones can be found in three, four or even five colours.

Colour Enhancing

We can colour enhance the tiles to a lighter shade to a degree not even achieved during the original production.  This process brings the tile back to its original elegant appearance.

Our Process

The tile and grout is stripped of the old seal and professionally cleaned.  Special treatment sealer is applied for a longer lasting effect.

We can also conduct a special polishing process to create a long lasting, fully stain resistant & anti slip elegant shine.

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