Slate Tiles

Some finishes will begin to yellow, trapping the character and color of the slate under a discolored finish. Cleaning attempts using the wrong solutions can leave a white haze or film on the finish, further discoloring it.  We will use a process that will deep clean & seal that will bring out the original colour of the slate,terracotta & quarry tiles & bring them back to the original beauty of the tile.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta in its natural state is porous, and for this reason it needs to be sealed in order for it to be durable and last longer. Over time the seal wears and the terracotta will be damaged.  Expert Tile Restoration's services will protect your tile and bring it back so it looks like new.

Quarry Tiles

A classic hard wearing tile often utilized in high traffic areas such as reception areas and also often used for outdoor patio areas and porches. Hard wearing Quarry tiles are often neglected and hidden under years of grime, however all is not lost, they can be restored to their original beauty with our service.

Colour Enhancing

We can colour enhance the tiles to a lighter shade to a degree not even achieved during the original production.  This process brings the tile back to its original elegant appearance.

Our Process

The tile and grout is stripped of the old seal and professionally cleaned.  Special treatment sealer is applied for a longer lasting effect.

We can also conduct a special polishing process to create a long lasting, fully stain resistant & anti slip elegant shine.

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