Polished Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

We will restore your polished porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Even the best quality polished porcelain can become dull and lose it's sheen over time.  We will bring the dull polished porcelain back to its original polish.

This process also brings the grout back to its original colour and seals it.

Our Process

We offer two options.  In both the tile and grout is stripped of the old seal and professionally cleaned.  Special treatment sealer is applied for a longer lasting effect.

We can also conduct a special polishing process to create a long lasting, fully stain resistant & anti slip elegant shine.

Re-Glaze Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

Matt porcelain and ceramic tiles can be restored and completely transformed to a fully polished, fully stain resistant and anti-slip flooring that glows!

Colour Enhancing

We can colour enhance the tiles to a lighter shade to a degree not even achieved during the original production.  This process brings the tile back to its original elegant appearance.

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